Security Review: Michael’s Toyota Service Center

By jessicaf at 8:18 pm on March 14, 2008 | 2 Comments

My check engine light came on last week, so I called up Michael’s Toyota Dealership and Service Center in Bellevue, WA.  I made an appointment and had my husband bring the car into the shop and take a shuttle to work.  Later in the afternoon, the car is finished and I start walking over to the dealership to pick up my car.  With my mind on a hundred other things, I had left my purse at home!  With no time to go back home before the dealership would close, I decided just to try to get the car and hope it wasn’t going to cost me anything and that I wouldn’t need any ID to pick it up.  I told the Service Center attendant I was there for my car and what my last name was.  She typed it into the computer, found the service number, and called for the car to be brought up to the front.  Everything was covered under warranty, so I climbed into my car and went on my merry way.  So why do I tell you all this?  Because it seems to me that I could have picked up any old car with just a last name. (Read on …)

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The House on Amending FISA Act

By Kris Plunkett at 5:15 pm on Comments Off on The House on Amending FISA Act

Today the House of Representatives voted on a bill that would amend the FISA Act of 1978, which deals with government wiretapping. The amendments would deny amnesty to telecommunication industries for complying with illegal warrant less wiretaps by the Bush administration but allow those companies to use government classified information in their defense to prove that they did comply with the law (if they indeed did). (Read on …)

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