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Welcome to the Autumn 2005 course Wiki for Cyber Security and Homeland Security (University of Washington CSE P 590TU // UC Berkeley PP 190/290-009 // UCSD CSE 291 (C00)).


  • 8/11/05: Skeletal course web created. The course began for UCB students on August 31. The course began for UW and UCSD students on September 28.


office hours: TBD, CSE 570 / 206-543-4755, or by appointment, or by email

office hours: TBD, 307 GSPP / 510-848-3593, or by appointment, or by email

office hours: TBD, EBU3B 3106 / 858-822-4895, or by appointment, or by email

office hours: TBD, EBU3B 3108 / 858-822-3323, or by appointment, or by email

CSE 386 or by email


This course will provide an introduction to the technical and policy issues surrounding homeland security and cyber security.

The course is a 4-site distance-learning experiment involving the University of Washington, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and Microsoft. Lead instructors will be Ed Lazowska (UW Computer Science & Engineering), Steve Maurer (UCB Goldman School of Public Policy), Stefan Savage (UCSD Computer Science & Engineering), and Geoff Voelker (UCSD Computer Science & Engineering).

The course will meet Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9:20 (the UW classroom is CSE 305; the Berkeley classroom is 290 Hearst Mining Building; the Microsoft classroom is 113/1159; the UCSD classroom is EBU3B 1202), with two 15-minute breaks at approximately 7:20 and 8:20.

For Berkeley students, the first course session will be Wednesday August 31. UW and UCSD students will join the course on Wednesday September 28. The final course session will be Wednesday December 7. The four Berkeley-only course sessions will focus on {homeland security - cyber security}. Of the eleven additional sessions, seven will focus on cyber security and the remaining four on other homeland security topics.

Course requirements will include substantial reading, active class participation (to the extent possible given the crufty electronic format), a substantial small-group term project, and several small-group cyber security exercises.

Course Info

  • Class schedule: Wednesdays, 6:30pm - 9:20pm, August 31 through December 7 (Berkeley), September 28 through December 7 (UW, UCSD).
  • Class locations: UW: CSE 305; UCB: 290 Hearst Mining Building; Microsoft: 113/1159; UCSD: EBU3B 1202
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Course Readings and Schedule

Lecture Notes and Discussion

Course Projects

  • White Paper Project. Looking for a team or to discuss potential topics? Coordinate at the student-created White Paper Projects page.

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