Verisign Will Support DNSSEC by 2011

By millsea0 at 4:27 pm on February 24, 2009 | 1 Comment

Within the next two years Verisign has promised that it will support DNS Security extensions across all of the domains that are top-level. DNSSEC provides measures that allow for primarily the authentication of the origin of DNS data and also provides a means to check the integrity of the data that is being sent. This prevents hackers from misleading web traffic to spoof sites and the problem that arose in the discovery of the Kaminsky Bug.

DNSSEC has already been deployed in other countries (Sweden, Bulgaria, Brazil) and .gov and .org, both domains operated by the United States government will begin using it later this year. The reason this is so important is the majority of business domains, both .net and .com are among the most likely to benefit from these changes and currently are waiting for the thirteen root zone server clusters to switch over to the new security standard. Verisign controls two of these server clusters themself.
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