Security Review: Lexus “Talking” GPS

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With the increasing role that technology is playing in our lives, it was inevitable that we’d reach the point where we too could enjoy the luxury of a talking car, such as the infamous KITT from Knight Rider. The convenience of having a talking GPS unit that can suggest places to go is a bit of a luxury, but also a step into another form of auditory spam they mention in the USA today article .

Lexus is currently adding this feature to new automobiles that in addition to allowing the company to send messages to the driver, will also be able to suggest places that the driver might want to travel. As if drivers today did not already have enough distractions with cell phones and other technology that is able to interface with your car, this unit seem to be leaning towards more of a frivolous luxury than something of use.

If not endowed with the proper security, the device would seem to be the prime target of an attack. Simply transmit new directions or send a new audio file for it to play and you not only have an easy way to send a driver to the middle of nowhere, but to also provide a loud distraction that can send a driver into a panic during rush hour. Other automakers need to decide if we really need further distractions in our cars before rolling out the new technology. (Read on …)

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Verizon VoIP House Phone Hub

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Nowadays, traditional phone service is not widely used. As stated in an article from, “VoIP phones are growing in popularity — and 20 to 25 percent of customers are canceling home phone service.” In order to maintain Verizon’s customers and compete with other companies like the table television companies, Verizon launches VoIP house phone hub that provides many special features.

This VoIP phone requires a router to plug into it. VoIP house phone handset can connect to its hub which offers applications such as navigation. The hub has constant Web connection; in the meantime, it is capable of browsing local traffic, weather reports, and online calendaring.

Assets and security goals

  • The first asset is to make it easier for busy family to manage their schedule. As stated in the summary, VoIP is capable for navigating, managing schedule, viewing weather, current traffic, and also works as usual phone.
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