Obama’s Blackberry Security Review

By couvb at 5:33 pm on January 23, 2009 | 9 Comments

It looks like, after much debate, Obama will be allowed to continue to use a smart phone (From most articles I have read, it seems unclear whether the phone will still be the Blackberry he seemed to like so much, or if it will be a NSA approved smart phone, or a combination of the two).  Much of the debate centered around whether a Blackberry could be made secure enough for the President’s day to day use.  For example, Obama would not want a highly sensitive conversation with the Secretary of Defense to be heard by anyone trying to listen in.  Smart phones can also deal with email and the internet in general, which opens up the possibility of an exploit coming from there.  Smart phones also have GPS receivers, and are in essentially constant contact with cell towers, both providing methods to track the phone. (Read on …)

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