Facebook storing your information

By mstie74 at 11:18 pm on February 26, 2008 | 5 Comments

While this may not be breaking news, it turns out that Facebook has taken just one more step in not respecting their user’s privacy. 

According to a semi-recent article in the New York Times, Facebook retains user profile information even after the user has requested deletion so that “a user can reactivate at any time and their information will be available again just as they left it”.

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RIAA investigators unaware of IP spoofing or BGP hijacking?

By gbc3 at 4:45 pm on | 1 Comment

Slashdot reports that an assistant professor of Delft University Technology in the Netherlands calls a recent investigation by the RIAA, “Borderline Incompetent”. A recent investigation by the RIAA was accusing the defendants of distributing copyright material over Kazaa. In the investigation, in order to obtain the IP address of the distributor, they used techniques that have not been tested or accepted in the scientific community, and that there has been no such degree of checking rate of error. (Read on …)

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