Security Review – Fire Hydrants

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This is a security review of a fascinating device known as a fire hydrant. To state the obvious, a fire hydrant is designed to allow certain city personnel (firefighters) access to high pressure water in the case of an emergency. They need quick access and proximity to the water, so hydrants must be scattered throughout the city (or campus). Because there are so many of them, they should be cheap to make and cheap to keep adversaries from tampering with them. (Read on …)

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“The Club” as a vehicle theft deterrence

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Steering wheel locks, in particular The Club,[1] are a standard method for securing automobiles against theft. They work by attaching to the steering wheel in such a way that the wheel cannot be turned sufficiently for driving, and then locking in place until unlocked with a key. They are simple to use, compatible with essentially any vehicle, and when in place are an effective theft deterrent. The following is a review of the Club and similar fork-based steering wheel locks. (Read on …)

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