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For getting registered for the class project, please do the following things:

1. On one of the following Wiki pages, according to your location (or the closest thing to it), please post the following information about yourself: Name, a Proposed Area / Title for your Project, Wiki Login Name, and preferred Email. I have populated each of the pages with an example, so you will know how to format this properly for the Wiki.

2. If you have already formed a project team, please go to the page below and list the following information about your project: a Proposed Title for the Project, a link to the Wiki page for your project, and information about each of the members of the project team. Once again I have posted an example which you can copy as a reference.

For those of you that dont know how to create a Wiki page, it is quite easy. First create a link to the proposed page, just like I did in the example Wiki text I posted. Once you save this page, the text for the new link will be displayed in Red (unless someone else has a project of the same name). When you click on the Red link, it will allow you to edit the new page and save it. Voila, your first Wiki page. To keep things somewhat organized, we ask that you preface all of your personal project pages with the term Student_Projects:. For example, the Wiki page I have created for our "project" is Student_Projects:Teaching_Class.

Go to the Help:Contents page for more info.

3. Then, by Monday November 8, we need a one-page project description, as noted in the project overview writeup, available here: