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Working deadlines:

  • COB Thursday 11/4 or Friday 11/5? Agree on structure of paper, write up the paragraph on your chapter
   --Caroline can compile this into one doc and paste to a new wiki page by Saturday evening.
   --if anyone has comments, they can add on Sunday/Monday 
   --Monday by 5 pm: Caroline (or anyone who wants) can turn the final doc in
  • 5 pm Monday, November 8: one page description due to Tap.
  • 5 pm, Wednesday, November 24: post your chapter on your page in the "writing the paper--discussion" section of the wiki
  • 5 pm Tuesday, by 5 pm, Tuesday November 30, have read and commented on everyone's sections on the wiki
  • 12 pm Friday, December 3: post your revised chapters under your name on the "final rough draft--Dec. 3" page
  • 5 pm, Friday, December 3: rough draft due to Tap.
  • 5 pm, Friday, December 10: final due to Tap.